Zoom Earring with Dragonfly sterling silver

Earring with Dragonfly sterling silver

40.00 EUR

The sweetest small Dragonfly earring studs.

The earring is made in sterling silver with 18 karat gold plating.



The dragonfly is over 180 million years old. It has a short lifespan above the water, and it lives life to the fullest in the time it has. 

A reminder to us all to live life whilst we have it. 

A dragonfly represents change, positive forces and life power. 

The dragonfly's symbolism is connected to good luck, prosperity, quickness, peace, pureness, harmony and strength.

It is also a water creature, and a symbol of the subconscious or dreaming soul and thoughts. 

When a dragonfly presents itself to you, it is a sign that it is time for change, and time to add more happiness and light to your life. 

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