Zoom Angel Caller in 925 sterling silver. Model ForeverLove

Angel Caller in 925 sterling silver. Model ForeverLove

106.00 EUR

Angel Caller in 925 sterling silver with many small crystals on the big heart.

This Angel Caller is the first Angel Caller designed by my daughter Sofie. Therefore this model has been named ForeverLove, as the love for one's children is forever.

The price shown is for the Angel Caller without the ball. 

This Angel Caller fits 16 mm harmony balls. 

Ball and necklace chain can be bought separately. 

The Angel Caller can be opened and the ball inside makes a soft tinkling sound. More balls can be bought in different colors.


The legend of the Angel Caller

The Angel Caller Legend states that Angel Callers were given to fleeing Elves for the purpose of protection. In order to project themselves they needed a symbol for the angels, so they wore around their necks a little ball with a precious sound and whenever they felt in danger all they had to do was shake the ball and the angels would come and project them. 

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