Maintenance of your jewelry

Maintenance of your jewelry.
All our jewelry is of our own design, and can therefore only be bought in our web-shop and at our retailers.
We only produce jewelry in precious metals, such as  925 sterling silver, goldplated sterling silver, or 585 14 karat gold.
We do not sell jewelry in materials other than precious metals.
 In order to increase the lifespan of your jewelry, it is important to follow these measures.


Maintenance and storage of jewelry.
Always take off your jewelry when you:

-        Wash your hands or take a shower
-        Sleep
-        Do sports
-        Are on the beach
-        Are in the swimming pool

Always store your pieces of jewelry seperately in a small, acid free plastic pouch in a box. Never store in a box without a pouch. The jewelry will keep itself clean for a long time.
Oxidation is a natural chemical reaction, which is caused by the silver in the jewelry reacting with oxygen. Oxidation is easily removed with a silver polishing cloth, or some jewelry cleaning product. Always remember to clean you jewelry carefully and follow the instructions on the products you use.