Angel Callers

All our jewelry is of our own design and is only sold at Holmgaard Jewelry.

The Angel Caller is a beautiful and personal neck pendant, which is tied to the sweetest legend. If you love angels or know someone who does, this is the perfect angel jewelry. Our Angel Callers are always made in 925 sterling silver and 18 carat gold plated sterling silver.

The ball inside has a sweet little sound and additional balls can be bought so that the colour can be changed as you please.

The prices are for an Angel Caller without ball.

Ball and chain are bought separately.

Please see the legend that goes with the jewelry. 

Angel Callers can also be found under the names: Harmony balls, Engelsrufer, Bola or Änglapingla


The legend of the Angel Caller

The Angel Caller Legend states that Angel Callers were given to fleeing Elves for the purpose of protection. In order to protect themselves they needed a symbol for the angels, so they wore around their necks a little ball with a precious sound and whenever they felt in danger all they had to do was shake the ball and the angels would come and protect them.

When you order an Angel Caller here, you will receive a printed legend. The legend can be found in Danish, English, Swedish, German, or Chinese. If you would like to receive the legend in another language than Danish, please state so in the comments section when you order.